Ruins in Space


Text, Archival inkjet print, Speaker, Sound, Vinyl Record, Vinyl Record Cover, Sound, Designed Wooden Frame
Variable Dimensions  

Ruins in Space is a fictional narrative based on actual material that lends it realistic potential. It revolves around two legendary divas from very different parts of the world, that may or may not have met at some point in time, developing a friendship centered around their mutual respect for each other as talented singers. "Space" became the place to connect these two women, via outdated satellite transmissions. In essence, this is a project about rewriting musical history, and an allegory to the notion that space is the utopian arena, defying language, geography and time; connecting people wherever they are, and at whatever era they exist. Cultural crossovers, impossible meetings, lost records, and the space race are some of the few topics this work touches upon. 

Installation View

Installation view

Installation View

Wall Text

Record Cover

Ruins In Space Face A

Ruins In Space Face B