Dancing, Smoking, Kissing

Silk Thread Embroidery on Embroidered Silk Cloth
Variable Dimensions 

Text By Nat Muller 

Raed Yassin literally, and mechanically, reproduces the visual fabric of his childhood memories in a series of embroideries in Dancing, Smoking, Kissing. He takes the viewer on a pictorial walk down memory lane by threading together the mental images of his childhood with their disappeared photographic representations. We are all familiar with family photo albums and how they look and feel. They are universal, yet private, mementos that document sometimes big, but mostly small and mundane instances of family togetherness. Most of Yassin’s family photographs were lost over time through incessant moving, displacement, and in other ways. What remains of these lost images is not only the memory of the event, such as a birthday or dress-up party, a picnic at the beach, a kiss in a nightclub, a holiday abroad, but also the memory of the actual photographs that chronicled family life. Born into a family of tailors Yassin sets out to reconstruct these disappeared and abandoned images on computer-embroidered textiles that incorporate his own recollection, those of family members, and the leaps and gaps of his imagination. Colourful, intimate and ornamental these embroideries simultaneously emit a sensibility of domesticity while also retaining a mass-produced and mechanised feel, which to an extent dilutes the highly personal element of the project. In Dancing, Smoking, Kissing Yassin never succeeds in fully reconstructing or retrieving the original image, if there ever was one to start with, instead he provides us with the stitched material rendition of memory.

70 cm x 100 cm

Christmas Eve
70 cm x 90 cm

Dad In London
75 cm x 105 cm

85 cm x 85 cm

Family Portrait With Peacock
90 cm x 110 cm

The Flying Kid
85 cm x 75 cm

Gentleman Raed
80 cm x 60 cm

In Baalbek
110 cm x 85 cm

70 cm x 100 cm

By The Sea
60 cm x 90 cm

Mama, Mira and the Doll
105 cm x 95 cm

Mama With Balloons
100 cm x 100 cm

Naked with Doll and Teddy Bear
80 cm x 80 cm

Paper Bag Mask
90 cm x 110 cm

Raed Smoking
90 cm x 70 cm

Reading Letters From Saudi Arabia
85 cm x 105 cm

The Birthday Where Nobody Came
75 cm x 105 cm

Third Birthday
80 cm x 110 cm

With Imad Hamdi and His Twin Brother
75 cm x 110 cm

Dad Smoking
100 cm x 80 cm

Raed The Sindbad
85 cm x 60 cm

Another Birthday
80 cm x 100 cm