A Conversation with Mazen Kerbaj and Raed Yassin | Sound American By Nate Wooley
Gulf News | Art and Lebanon By Maya Jaggi
Video interview with Raed Yassin in Castello Di Rivoli
Nelson TYC | China - Raed Yassin
Asian Art Happenings | Arabian tales on contemporary terms and conditions By Durriya Dohadwala
معازف: معن ابو طالب: رائد ياسين يسخر من السخرية
ArtintheCity | ArtintheCity Speaks to Raed Yassin
The Island | Very Early Works (project)
X-tra | Closer, Exposure 2009, and 4 By Nat Muller
A Conversation with Bassam El Baroni
This Conversation took place in Rawabet Theatre in Cairo 2008 during PhotoCairo 4
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